How do I choose an AV receiver

Coosing a high-fidelity audio/video receiver that will fulfill the role of the heart of the home theater is not necessarily an easy task. Selecting devices that will adapt to your tastes, your expectations and also your budget is possible. Now on the market, there are many models from leading manufacturers such as Yamaha, Denon, Marantz and Onkyo. With their products, they cover all price ranges, from simple budget devices to ultra-tech flagship receivers. And because of this getting right to the right device configuration may seem hard at first, but it’s mostly a fun-filled process. There are several criteria that need to be considered when choosing a new device

Musical and vocal performance

A home theater receiver will be used most of the time to listen to music as well as watch movies. And since the music is recorded only on two channels, the musical performances of the home theater receiver are evaluated separately. Users should take into account the clarity of the sound, the balance of the sound, the definition of the sound and the accuracy of the sound stage.

Surround effects

The performance of a home theater is the ability of the receiver to realistically replicate a true cinema experience. That is, sound effects that travel distinctly from one speaker to another, the accuracy of the sound, the richness of the sound and the clarity of the dialogues.

Design quality

This is the quality of some internal components (transformers, capacitors, etc.) and external (quality of the terminal blocks and housing materials). It also takes into consideration the overall assembly of the products and how it stands out compared to other devices.


A home theater receiver – it’s a kind of hub. All electronic devices converge towards it. The number of entries must be consistent to meet all types of needs (ATMOS sound, compatibility with new HDR image standards, compatibility with turntables, etc.)


Now receivers have become sophisticated devices in terms of “smart” functions system load. Most of them can, for example, connect to the home wireless network, automatically adjust the sound to your room, distribute music in multiple rooms, and even take advantage of new voice recognition systems. However, do not forget to forget about one very important point. This is a budget. In this regard, you should rely on what is your scenario for using the receiver. Spending huge amounts does not guarantee an optimal result. Well-chosen specs are the key to a quality result. High-quality stereo devices can be an excellent long-term purchase or even an investment in some high-profile products with great popularity.


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