DJ Pooh Net Worth

DJ Pooh Net Worth

How much does DJ Pooh have Net Worth?

Net worth: $14 Million
Real name: DJ Pooh
Date of birth: June 29, 1969
Birthplace: America
Profession: Rapper, writer, and so on
Age: 52 years
Country: America

This famous person is known as DJ Pooh. It is known as the whole music industry. He is a very talented man in the music industry.

In the music industry, DJ is known as a record producer, rapper, director, manager, singer, actor, screenwriter, and voice actor.’

As of 2021, DJ Pooh Net Worth is $1.4 Million USD.

This amazing person is a multi-talented person in the music industry. On the other hand, he also directs and produces seven movies.

All the movies, which are produced by it become very famous and popular movies in the history of America. Later, he worked for the GTA industry and his name was very popular in that industry.

After this, he play the main and credible input in the GTA industry. The amazing person DJ was known as a multi-talent man. He has a very Hugh fan following as some people like his voice and some like him for his movies.

As he becomes more famous DJ Pooh’s net worth increase regularly. This talented rapper recognizes for his music skills and talents. His fans like his sweet voice so he becomes more famous.

In this article, we write all the information about his personal life, biography, height, weight, career, and we also write many interesting facts about his life and write about DJ Pooh’s net worth. We write all the information about his life.

Early life/biography:

A cute baby was born on June 29, 1969, in Los Angeles in CA is DJ Pooh. When he was born no one knows about his talent. All his family members were so happy about his birth.

From his childhood, his voice is very sweet and clear. In his family everyone like his voice and his songs which he wrote by himself.

The age of this sweet person is about 22 years as he was born on June 29, 1969. His zodiac sign is Aries. This sign is highly obsessive but insubordinate. The weight of this popular is about 60 kg and his height is about 6 feet 2 inches.

Height 6 feet 3 inches
Weight 80 kg
Age 52 years
Eye color Black
Hair color Black

He was born in Los Angles in the United States. His nationality is American and his parents grew up as a singer boy and he grew up in an African-American family.

He does not upload much information about his family and his personal life. When we know anything about his family we will update him about his family.


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What makes it so famous?

Pooh was a very talented rapper, producer, and so on. This person become famous when he produced many music albums for many popular personalities.

This made him a popular person but he become so popular when he join Ice Cube. Later, he works in the music industry. Here, he produced many popular songs like Snoop dog, king Tee, and many others.

After this, he start working in the film industry of America and got much fame from this industry. Here, he directs many scenes like crime, fighting, and driving scenes.

He got so much popularity in the film industry when his first movie was released named Friday movie. In this movie, his acting was very amazing this make people crazy about him.

After this, he introduced himself to GTV Company. He was playing a very important role in this company. Pooh start another work in the online version as a co-writer.

Even, he does a job on a radio station as a DJ and the name of the station is “West Coast Classics”. A very famous drama is The Boondocks and he also works in this drama series.

Now, we write DJ Pooh’s net worth and about his YouTube income per month and also tell you his interest in shopping or saving. How much money does he spend in a month and write about his source of income and his total net worth?

Earning and saving:

The DJ Pooh net worth is about $ 14 million. He earns $ 1 million per month. The person which is known as DJ saves he save his half income.

Earning $ 14 million
Earning point Rapping and film industry
Working industry Not available
Still active Yes

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